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Solar Art Exhibit

Another experiment into the artistic applications of technology, this project was centered around creating an installation powered by, and relating to, solar energy. We purchased around 40 old cell phones and gutted them, replacing the circuitry with simple white LEDs. Then , after connecting these in via 100 meters of wire, hanging them from some beams, and connecting to a solar panel, we created an exhibit that would charge during the day and light up at night. 

The idea had to do with energy and how we have effectively replaced sunlight with artificial, man made lights during night. The cell phones represented stars, another natural light source, which replaced the actually stars via artificial means.

For more info, check out the documentation here.

Lazer Ball

For this project, I used processing and computer vision to create an exciting game featuring lazers; Lazer Ball! In Lazer Ball, two  players  compete to help falling balls drop into their respective sections of the floor, as each ball in their section equates to one point. In this a game where two players, each equipped with a laser pointer, can draw ball barriers to help guide falling balls into their section...or deflect the balls from their opponent's side.

For documentation and videos of this project, click here.

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